Thomas' Legion

State of North Carolina

Confederate States of America

  Officers  -  F & S - Company F

Left (3)

Lt. Col. William W. Stringfield

Right (4)

Captain J. W. Cooper, Co. H

Center (1)

Colonel William H. Thomas

Left middle (6)

2nd Lt. D. K. Collins,Co. F

Right middle (5)

1st Lt. R.T. Conley, Co. F

Center (2)

Colonel James R. Love

Left (7)

2nd Lt.James Conley,Co. F

Right (8)

3rd Lt. Wm. T. Welch, Co. F

Confederate Officers Collar Insignia

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Confederate Regimental (F & S) Descriptions

Colonel            - Regimental Commander.

Lt. Colonel        - Assistant Regiment Commander and/or Commander of 1st


Major              - Commander of 2nd Battalion.

Adjutant           - Regimental Record keeper. (Usually a Captain)

Quartermasters     - Obtain and distribute supplies. (Usually a Captain)

Commissaries       - Obtain and distribute food and forage. (Usually

                     a Captain)

Surgeons           - Chief physician.

Assistant Surgeons - Assistant physician.

Chaplain           - Religious leader.

Sergeant Majors    - Assistants to Commanders, carrying orders, etc.

Quartermaster Sgts.- Assisted Quartermasters, supervise Teamsters, Saddlers

                     and Blacksmiths.

Commissary Sgts.   - Assisted Commissaries, supervise Teamsters.

Ordinance Sgts.    - Supplied weapons, powder and ammunition.

Blacksmiths        - Made horse shoes, repaired wagons and weapons.

Ferriers           - Shoed Horses, served as veterinarians

Saddlers           - Made saddles, bridles and harnesses for the horses.

Teamsters          - Drove wagons for supplies, ambulances and prisoners.

Hospital Steward   - Maintains medical records and hospital supplies.

Musician           - Bugler, Drummer and Fifer.

Company Descriptions

Captain            - Company Commander

1st Lt.            - Assistant Company Commander or Company Commander of

                     small Company.

2nd, 3rd, 4th Lt.  - May serve as Adjutant, Commissary, Quartermaster or

                     Platoon Commanders

Ensign             - Officer in training

1st Sgt.           - Assistants to Company Commander, carrying orders, etc.

2nd, 3rd, 4th Sgt. - Assistant to Commissary, Quartermaster or Squad Leaders.

Corporals          - Assistant to Commissary, Quartermaster or Squad Leaders.

Musicians          - Bugler, Drummer and Fifer.

Some Companies also contained Surgeons, Chaplains, Ferriers and Blackmiths.