Thomas' Legion

State of North Carolina

Confederate States of America

Walker's Battalion

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Organized July 18, 1862.  It soon comprised 10 Companies. The Cavalry Companies (D, F, G) were transferred to Tennessee Regiments.  Company 2nd D and 2nd F were transferred to Loves' Regiment.  For most of the War, Walkers Battalion was only composed of five Infantry Companies (A, B, C, E and H)


William C. Walker      Lt. Colonel       July 18, 1862  to  Sept 11, 1863

James A. McKamy        Lt. Colonel       Sept 11, 1863  to  Sept 19, 1864

William W. Stringfield Lt. Colonel       Nov 1, 1864    to  Apr 28, 1865

Field & Staff

William C. Walker       Lt. Colonel        June 17, 1861   Cherokee Co., NC

William W. Stringfield  Lt. Colonel        July 20, 1861   Strawberry Plains,TN

James A. McKamy         Lt. Colonel        Sept 29, 1862   Blount Co. TN

James A. McKamy         Major              Sept 29, 1862   Blount Co. TN

John T. Levi            Capt., Art.        Apr 1, 1863     NA

John W. Barr            Capt., Art.        Apr 1, 1863     NA

Parley C. Gaston        Adjutant (Lt.)     NA              Franklin Co., TN

William J. McRee        Adjutant (Acting)  July 19, 1862   Cherokee Co., NC

Thomas D. Johnston      Asst. QM (Capt.)   NA              Asheville, NC

William N. Nelson       QM Sergeant        July 19, 1862   Cherokee Co., NC

Thomas E. McCulloch     Commissary Sgt.    Sept 29, 1862   Blount Co., TN

Benjamin Mayfield       Surgeon            NA              Murphey, NC

Charles H. Green        Asst. Surgeon      NA              Tennessee

Columbus F. Walker      Sgt. Major         July 22, 1862   Cherokee Co., NC

Edwin P. McGee          Ordinance Sgt.     Oct 7, 1862     Cherokee Co., NC

Newton McLelland        Ordinance Sgt.     Jan 12, 1863    Cherokee Co., NC

Ransford Mayfield       Hospital Steward   Feb 28, 1963    Murphy, NC

Company A - Infantry   Company A was mustered in by William W. Stringfield on July 18, 1862, with C. C. Berry as captain. In February 1864 Berry was arrested for prolonged absence.  Lt. James N. Bryson then led the company.  An examining board finally met on February 28, 1865, and found Berry innocent. He was reinstated in March.

Company B - Infantry   This unit was composed of men from Cherokee Country, organized on July 19, 1862, with William C. Walker as Captain. When Walker was elected Lt. Colonel of the Battalion on October 1, 1862, William B. Nelson was promoted to Captain.  Capt. Nelson was dropped for prolonged absence in February 1864.   Lt. William J. McRee was promoted to Captain on February 25, 1865.

Company C - Infantry   James A. McKamy, raised a company of men from Blount County, TN, on September 29, 1862. Capt. McKamy was promoted to Major on August 15, 1863, and 1st Lt. James N. Singleton was elected Captain.  Singleton was captured at Winchester, VA, on September 19, 1864, and there is no record of any officer being elected in his place.

Company D - Cavalry   A Cavalry company from Blount County, was organized by William C. Wallace on September 28, 1862. The company was transferred to the 1st Tennessee Cavalry in November 1862 as Company I.

Company 2nd D - Infantry  Recruited from Jackson Co., NC, and Jefferson Co., TN.  In Jan 1863 was transferred to Love's Regiment as Co. D.

Company E - Infantry  On September 8, 1862, William H. Thomas authorized Stephen Whitaker to recruit a company. Whitaker reported with 40 men on September 30 and officers were elected on November 29.

Company F - Cavalry   DeWitt C. Ghormley first organized this unit on July 4, 1862, as "Ghormley's Provost Guard" from Cherokee County.  On September 24, it was increased to a full cavalry company and assigned to Walker's Battalion, as Company F.  It was transferred to the 5th (McKenzie's) Tennessee Cavalry on December 16 as Company K.  In April 1864 the company was consolidated with Capt. Eppa Everett's Company, 3rd TN Cavalry and reassigned to Col. Thomas and the Legion.

Company 2nd F - Infantry  Organized with men from Cherokee Co., the company was transferred on Sept 1862 to Love's Regt. as Company H.

Company G - Mounted Infantry (Cavalry)  At Dandridge, TN, Capt. James W. Terrell mustered into service David Neffs' Company of mounted riflemen.  Neff was elected captain on September 24, and the troop was assigned to Walker's Battalion.  In November 1862 the company was transferred to the 1st Tennessee Cavalry as Company H.

Company H - Infantry  This Company was mustered in on March 5, 1863 from volunteers from Cherokee County at Coker Creek in Monroe County, Tennessee.  Garner N. Loudermilk was elected Captain. In February 1864.  Loudermilk was dropped for prolonged absence. 1st Lt. Robert A. Akin assumed command of the company and eventually became its Captain.