Thomas' Legion

State of North Carolina

Confederate States of America

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Thomas' Legion of Indians and Highlanders

A Legion is a Military organization that consists of Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery in one Unit.  There were many Confederate Legions in the early part of the War, however most were broken up and reassigned to other divisions.  Although Thomas' Legion did have its' Cavalry and Artillery reassigned it maintained its "Legion" designation.  The typical Legion contained around a

thousand men.

Thomas' Legion is sometimes referred to as the 69th NC Infantry, however the designation was never official.

Organization as of April 1, 1863

Colonel William H. Thomas, Commanding

   Legion Field & Staff



         +--   First (Love's) Regiment       Lt. Col. James A. Love

                       Regiment F&S

                          Companies A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  K


         +--   Walkers' (First) Battalion    Lt. Col. William C. Walker

                      Battalion F&S

                         Companies A  B  C  E  H


                 +---  Levi's Artillery     Capt. John W. Barr

                          Battery A


         +--   Indian Battalion              Col. William H. Thomas

                           Company C

Legion Commanders

Legion             Col. William H. Thomas

                   Col. James R. Love

Love's Regiment    Lt. Col. James R. Love

                   Lt. Col. William W. Stringfield

Walker's Battalion Lt. Col. William C. Walker

                   Lt. Col. William W. Stringfield

                   Lt. Col. James A. McKamy   

Levi's Artillery   Capt. John T. Levi

                   Capt. John W. Barr

Indian Battalion   Col. William H. Thomas

The various Companies of the Legion were constantly being reassigned and transferred to other organizations and then transferred back.  It makes it difficult to show a complete organization.

The Legion suffered from casualties and desertion.  Some Companies were rarely above forty men.

Company Rosters

Love's Rgmt.     A   2nd A    B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   K

Walker's Btln.   A   B   C   D   2nd D    E   F   2nd F    G   H

Levi's Art.      Battery A

Indian Btln.     A   B   C   D

Misc. Unknown    A